5 Safe(r) Conditioners for My Curlies and Transitioners!

It’s no secret conditioning is one of the essential parts of hair care, period.


If it weren’t for conditioner I would’ve thought I was doing the wrong thing while transitioning. I’ve shared this with you all before but, I used to think conditioner was all I needed to style my hair and keep it “moisturized”. Boy, did I waste dozens of TRESemmé bottles thinking I was doing the right thing.

Thanks to a change of heart and some intense research, I became much more pickier about the conditioners I use. Don’t get me wrong- discount store conditioners can be a one-time alternative (if all else fails!) I literally only use these conditioners if for some reason I’m stranded in a hotel room with those mini (and worthless) conditioners they offer.

Otherwise, I’m taking my a** back to RiteAid and purchasing my favorite Renpure Coconut Cream Nourishing Conditioner.

The same way you’ll check a cereal box for ingredients is the same way you’ll scan shampoo and conditioner bottles. We all know sulfate is the big no-no when it comes to hair products so you can X that one off your list.

Silicone and parabens are on the same category, too. Silicone is not a natural ingredient which makes the hair dull and weighs it down. It sits on the surface of your hair shaft as it is a sealant which blocks out water and air. Products with parabens tend to be very cheap for a few reasons: they mimic estrogen and have been linked to breast cancer, can cause damage to hair and scalp, and are easily absorbed by the skin. The list goes on and on concerning which ingredients aren’t healthy for your hair- however, these are the main ones I like to look out for.

Take a look at my five favorite and recommended conditioners for my fellow curlheads and those who are transitioning:

1. Renpure Coconut Cream Nourishing Conditioner

I’ve been having a blast with this conditioner thus far. I’ve been using different Renpure conditioners for over a year now and they’re all pretty awesome. As you may know, I like to stick to coconut products…it’s just always been my thing. The people who designed the conditioner bottle did a great job at pointing out the ingredients they DIDN’T have: sulfates, parabens, dyes, gluten, phthalates and propylene glycol. My hair always feels so soft after using this product and my favorite part about it (besides the smell) is that it makes detangling so much easier! I have a lot of hair so if I don’t use a Renpure conditioner I might face some challenges (hair losses, too). Why don’t you take a trip to your local RiteAid, Family Dollar or Target and grab a few bottles of this? Literally no more than $7 and they literally last you over a month a bottle.

2. SheaMoisture® Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

I will always recommend Shea Moisture products because they remind me of where I began my official transitioning process. There is no doubt that their products work well and smell good, too. This Restorative Conditioner is recommended for those who are transitioning and are dealing with dry hair. It helps define your curls and protects your hair from further breakage. This product will work even better if you use its respective shampoo and deep treatment masque along with it. Shea Moisture has different lines for a reason, all for different purposes. Bring about $35 to your local drug store and you’ll be able to snag all three products.

3. OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

The few times I’ve used OGX conditioners (because I love Renpure’s so much), my hair felt silky afterwards and wasn’t weighed down- which is always a good thing. This conditioner is sulfate and paraben-free so it fits in your hair’s comfort zone. (While I earlier mentioned a long list of ingredients to avoid, not all conditioners are going to abolish all of them. Just remember to prioritize the disuse of sulfates and the parabens). This product works well with all hair types and you don’t need too much of it to see effects. However, leave it in your hair for 5-8 minutes while you’re in the shower, then rinse. It also works as a styling cream so don’t be afraid to go for it especially those with looser curls! $5.50 at Target.

4. Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Restoring Conditioner

My transitioners, this one’s also for you! If you have been suffering from dry and brittle hair, this Restoring Conditioner will add some silk to your troubles. This product promotes healthier hair and works well on those with thicker hair. It is often used as a leave-in which helps because the product is thick, so no need for too much styling product. It’s a little pricier than the other conditioners I recommend but most good things ain’t cheap! Avg price: $12.

5. Curls Coconut CURLada Conditioner

If I wasn’t committed to the hair products I am to today, I would shop all of Curls’ products because they’re so good! No silicones, parabens, sulfates, mineral and petrolatum oils? I think it’s a safe bet. This conditioner is great for those still transitioning and those trying to maintain a healthy curl routine. While it works well with tighter curl textures, all curl types are welcome. This Coconut CURLada makes curls easier to manage when detangling and leaves your hair feeling much more moisturized. Being that this product gives your hair the hydration it needs, you don’t have to add too much styling product because this conditioner serves as a primer. I know it took me a while to say this but…yes, it smells amazing, too. You just can’t go wrong with a good scent and safe ingredients, can you?! I see Curls’ line everywhere- beauty supplies, drug stores, online…you name it, you buy it for no more than $11.


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