Premiere Orlando: International Beauty Event!

Known as one of the biggest beauty shows in the world – hosting over 50,000 attendees annually, Premiere Orlando is nothing short of extravagant. From Brazilian Blowout’s huge stage to Cardi B’s nail artist, Jenny Bui’s presence, there is so much opportunity to network and learn a thing or two about coloring your hair or bedazzling your nails. Those who’ve never been to such a large trade show might find this intimidating.


Housing over 840 exhibitors, this event is so carefully planned that you must come prepared to show out or show up and take advantage. Large brands benefit from these shows as they get to sell and us, as buyers get to bulk up on products that are usually sold at full retail price. The energy is super vibrant and if your hair, outfit or lashes stand out, best believe you will get approached.

The strong suits of this show were in the nail, lash and hair coloring business. It’s amazing to see how acrylic nails were once a thing of the past until celebrities started incorporating lengthy tips and rhinestones. I can say the same for lashes, too–we used to settle for voluminous mascara but now it seems like everyone’s ready for takeoff with their new, long lash [extensions].

Beauty shows often give you the chance to be yourself and express your creativity. They also give you the opportunity to realize things you never knew you needed such as vibration plates for weight loss.

To get in (as a brand, from my experience) you must have a pass and carry it on you at all times when leaving the space. Security is very strict and will not allow you to come back in without it. Trust me, I’ve been stranded outside before. The food in these convention centers is subpar and extremely pricey so you definitely don’t want to fall in that trap, either.


The last beauty show I was a part of was in March, where I represented Savannah Hair Therapy and helped sell their products. The International Beauty Show is a hectic and tiring three days. However, working that show was rewarding and it helped me learn I’m a decent salesperson–not that I would ever want to become one full-time, though.

This time around, I represented BeMyCurl and flew out to Orlando for the Premiere show. Luckily, this event was only two days long. BeMyCurl is owned by Joseph Boro, the owner and main stylist at CurlsOn5th. The goal of the product line is to minimize the usage of products by using a sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free formula. The brand currently holds two product lines. One is for “Wavy to Curly” curls while the other is for “Curly to Coily” curls. The first line is for those with looser curls, typically between the 2A-3A range. The latter applies to those with more textured hair; ranging from 3B-4C.

The current products the line holds are a leave-in curl primer (used for both lines), a hydrating gel–one for the wavy line and one for the coily line, and a deep conditioning mask. The products are lightweight and water-soluble–meaning you don’t have to use much product as the water will help penetrate it. A little goes a long way!


My “twin” Stephanie (as almost everyone called us) and I sported our curls as a marketing tool. We received lots of compliments and even some questions that took quite a turn. A lot of people asked us if our hair was real–which wasn’t necessarily offensive but it did get irritating when one lady asked Stephanie if she can touch her hair and once Stephanie agreed, she started checking her roots to actually see if that was her hair. I understand our hair is so voluminous that you might not believe it’s ours, but also remember we were keeping it business when we decided to remain calm.

“Mal de ojo” is a real thing, mi gente.


Speaking of hair touching–we performed demos on people that wanted to see how the products worked. Joseph, Julia (his assistant) and Stephanie (who is currently a hairstylist at Drybar) were in charge of cutting and hairstyling. I, personally do not like touching other peoples’ hair nor do I have any salon experience so I opted out of that part of the show. People were amazed to see how far careful product application and a curly trim took them. With that being said, the products were a hit – especially for the people that saw the results first hand.

One of our best deals was our kits which include the product line of your choice (wavy or coily) along with a set of five free hair clips for styling. The kits were priced at $50. On the second (and last) day, we offered two kits for $75.


The intensity of this show is like no other. Even when the show is coming to an end, the convention staff begin an intense cleanup process. From the moment the first light goes off to the announcement on the loudspeaker, the staff is already starting to remove the stages within the blink of an eye. Operating on a 9-5 schedule, you must wear comfortable shoes, have a hearty breakfast, and most importantly…be ready to sell (or buy). Standing up all day and repeating the same thing hundreds of times is not easy, but once you get that sale(s) and make those connections, it’s definitely a rewarding feeling.


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